At the Tranquil Treehouse®, we are passionate about nurturing, developing and empowering children physically, mentally and emotionally. However, there are lots of circumstances children encounter which can mean that they are at a higher risk to develop some form of emotional disorder. These can include; parents divorcing or separating, children living with domestic violence, young carers, children suffering from depression, bereavement, children in care, parents who have a severe, terminal or mental illness, loss of a pet, change of school or home etc. However, all children at some stage or another will feel strong emotions and struggle to deal with them. In today's fast-paced and often 'harsh' world, children need to be given time to think, create, play and imagine in a safe environment.


Through the Tranquil Treehouse® stories, children will learn to recognise and name the emotion they are feeling and then learn strategies to help cope with it. The stories are a non-threatening way to develop their own emotional wellbeing and important life skills. These include; self-control, turn-taking, impulse control, communication, decision-making, coping with peer pressure, regulating emotions, problem-solving, peer acceptance and how to apply this knowledge to changing social and domestic situations. By listening to the experiences of the characters, the children are more willing to open up and discuss similar situations or viewpoints. The messages in these narratives are memorable and can be used both in the classroom and at home. We can deliver whole class lessons, small-group workshops or one-to-one sessions with our stories.


Yoga has a number of benefits for children, especially in the learning environment. The following list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Teaches patience and insight
  • Develops motor skills (fine and gross)
  • Develops balance and flexibility
  • Makes the breath, lymph fluids and blood circulate better
  • Enhances concentration
  • Improves posture
  • Tackles childhood obesity
  • Balances the emotions
  • Promotes development of the vestibular system
  • Develops core strength, essential for correct physical alignment
  • Reduces injuries and improves performance
  • Opens the hip joints and prepares pupils to sit comfortably
  • Strengthens wrists, hands and arms for improved handwriting.
  • Releases physical and mental tensions
  • Energizes the body and mind
  • Creates physical and mental strength
  • Brings more oxygen to the blood cells and brain
  • Improves digestion, circulation and elimination
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Relaxes the body, promoting better sleep
  • Non-competitive
  • All-inclusive

relaxation, meditation and mindfulness

The benefits of the Tranquil Treehouse® programme are not just physical, but also emotional and mental:

  • Brings students into the present moment and allows them to just 'be'
  • Calms and clears the mind
  • Balances energy (high or low)
  • Increases concentration, focus and attention span
  • Reduces tension, stress and anxiety
  • Promotes thinking and memory
  • Stimulates auditory processing, responsiveness and develops better listening skills.
  • Expands imagination and creativity
  • Improves ability to be less reactive; more mindful of thoughts, words and actions
  • Develops discipline and self-control
  • Beneficial for those children who have special needs (e.g. Autism, ADHD, anger control issues).
  • Encourages social and environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Supports character development and emotional intelligence
  • Promotes positive body imagery
  • Enhances team skills and social interaction
  • Supports individuality and self-expression
  • Inspires respect for self and others
  • Creates a harmonious classroom and school.

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