Staff training

"Please pass on my thanks to Nadia for a session that has already enhanced my well-being by helping me to understand what my own teenage children are going through alongside the pupils that I teach. Understanding why they respond as they do has served to diffuse potential conflicts and encouraged a far more compassionate approach. I have, at times, replaced snarls with smiles ... warnings with warmth.  More training please..." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"I thought the session was excellent. I really believe this is a key aspect of our children’s development that we absolutely must invest in. I also think it affords staff an opportunity, in a high pressurised profession. Brilliant!" Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"It was brilliant. Nadia presented really well. The balance of research and the science behind it was just right. It didn’t feel patronising at all, which could potentially be the case with this type of content – she pitched it at exactly at the right level." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"After a busy day, it was so lovely to understand why my brain hurts!! This is such an important practice for ourselves and our students. Thank you!" Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"I thought this evening’s training was so useful to all of us to both stop and think why our young people might do something but also how to live in the here and now myself. I’m so interested in helping young people in our care with this. More please!" Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"A thought-provoking session as I’m currently researching into mental health teaching / awareness in the English classroom through teaching literature. The scientific standing has given me another area to consider for my MA dissertation – thank you!" Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"I found the session really informative. I’ve been an advocate of mindfulness for several years now, but have never been comfortable with how it has been delivered or ‘sold’ to young people. This evening’s session really struck a good balance between scientific facts, observations and common sense. I look forward to watching it being rolled out across school and the impact on our students." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"Very interesting with lots of things to try in all lessons and with my form. So much more of students’ behaviour makes sense." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"Very interesting ideas about why students behave the way they do." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"I really enjoyed the session – in such a busy, overwhelming world, the opportunity to ‘zoom out’ and reflect and breathe is so important. A fantastic message / practice for students and staff." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"A timely reminder 'to live within the moment'." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"Very good idea – some great opportunities for students and staff to develop and practise mindfulness on a daily basis." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"Brilliant session! Really interesting and helpful. Thank you!" Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"Very relevant. Looking forward to seeing it in action! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"Excellent overview. Good link into education. Interesting insights into adolescent neuroscience. LOVED IT!"  Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"I really liked the listening activity and the tips for calming students down as a reminder of ways to approach e.g. breathing, counting etc." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"I found the session very informative. It developed some of the ideas that were raised some time ago about the 2 sides of the brain. I found those theories really interesting and have drawn on them frequently, not only in my general interaction with students, but more specifically in discussing texts e.g. relating the ideas to the different sides of Caliban’s character or discussing the soldier’s response in “Bayonet Charge”. I think it might be interesting to explore the ideas even further in subject areas. I think the science behind the theories is fascinating and believe it should reassure any cynics that this is not just a “hippy dippy” fad. The material was presented in an extremely engaging way and I think it would have been really beneficial if Nadia could have introduced it to the students so they all receive the same positive message – though maybe that is what is planned." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"I thought it was an excellent; thought-provoking session, full of useful information and strategies for use with students." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teens' presentation.


"I thoroughly enjoyed the session today with Nadia. It has given me inspiration to do mindfulness activities to calm and reflect myself. Thank you so much!" Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teachers' presentation.


"Very positive course - valuable info. shared which will impact on self and others. Definitely need more space for this. Thank you for sharing with us in such a positive and encouraging way." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teachers' presentation.


"Very calming and supportive. Statistics were quite educational but also reassuring that we are all dealing with similar stress/situations. Thank you." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teachers' presentation. 


"Very informative and interesting. Enjoyed the calm, relaxing presentation. Thank you." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teachers' presentation.


"Please come back to do more mindfulness training with us...I'd love to be tranquil! Thank you." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teachers' presentation.


"Thank you. That was extremely interesting. I really enjoyed hearing about the brain and the amygdala. Great, simple techniques to try when I get home too! A reminder to take more care of my mind." Delegate attending a 'Tranquillity for Teachers' presentation.


" I was at your course on the 24th January. Thank you for such a fantastic course. The session really helped with relaxation and gave me something to think about. I would like to follow this further. Thank you again for such a brilliant session." Delegate attending a 'Be, Breathe, Believe' presentation.



"I am mindful that I need to be more mindful(!); not only for my own sanity but for the well being of the children in my class. If I take away one thing, it is to listen more intently." Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation.


"Excellent! Thought-provoking and inspiring. All teachers should hear what you have to say!" Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation.


"Just made me realise that we all need to be looked after 'mind and body'. Gave me strategies to work with some of the most lively/aggressive children and how they may be feeling. Thank you." Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation.


"Fantastic delivery. Very personable and engaging!" Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation.


"Loved it. Have wanted to try something like this for ages and now will make sure I have some time to do this. Thank you so much." Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation.


"Really helpful mindfulness tips. I will definitely look in to trying this to help de-stress. Thank you." Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation.


"Thank you Nadia. I was once told about Mindfulness when I had a family problem and at the time, I thought it was a load of rubbish. I think you just changed my mind!" Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation.


"Thank you. Some super ideas to use for myself and in the classroom with the children." Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation


"Wonderful, useful ideas that can be adapted into day-to-day lives. It is important to look after ourselves and the children we teach in the busy world/lives we lead." Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation


"Lots of ideas to help de-stress without taking up lots of time. Interesting to hear the research/science behind Mindfulness." Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation


"Was a little sceptical but found that it made me realise how much I react to situations. It will definitely make me think and take time out. Thank you." Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation


"Thank you for some lovely ideas...it was nice to switch off for a couple of minutes! Some great ideas to use both in professional and personal life!" Delegate attending a 'Tranquil Teachers' presentation


"Learned lots about creative ideas and how to further adapt and improve techniques I already use. Thank you." Delegate attending a 'Creativity in the Classroom' presentation.


"The practical examples, ideas, environmental changes and how to introduce a topic to inspire curiosity, engage and draw upon prior knowledge and experiences, were really explicit. i appreciated the theory and scientific studies behind the cognitive thinking process." Delegate attending a 'Creativity in the Classroom' presentation.


"Informative and inspiring." Delegate attending a 'Creativity in the Classroom' presentation.


"A really useful session; great to have so many practical examples to try out with different situations. Good to reinforce some of my own practice - reassuring to know! Thank you."  Delegate attending the 'Coaching for Emotional Intelligence' seminar. 


"Great session - reassuring that I am on the right lines. Great to go away with some tools to add to my bag. Thank you!" Delegate attending the 'Coaching for Emotional Intelligence' seminar. 


"Like the breathing techniques - practical! I've been trying to do breathing with some students but without any proper ideas about what I was doing. Thank you!" Delegate attending the 'Coaching for Emotional Intelligence' seminar. 



"Great practical ideas that could be put into use very easily." Delegate attending the 'Coaching for Emotional Intelligence' seminar. 


tranquillity sessions with students.


"Great experience. Relieved a lot of stress. Invaluable skills learned." Year 12 student.


"Very relaxing!" Year 12 student.


"It helped me get my mind in order." Year 12 student.


"It taught me how to de-stress and the importance of de-stressing." Year 12 student.


"Before today, I never really utilised meditation, nor did it really aid me but I will try these new techniques." Year 12 student.


"I learned some new mechanisms to cope." Year 12 student.


"Very useful for relaxing. The visualisation was the most helpful." Year 12 student.


"It was different, but in a good way." Year 12 student.


"Found it really insightful. I will use these techniques in the future." Year 12 student.


"Very immersive!" Year 12 student.



"Very useful presentation. Thank you! My mum is a mindfulness trainer and often struggles to relate to the idea that, on first try, it can be uncomfortable but this session was perfectly designed for that." Year 12 student.



Working with schools


"He may not look like he's taking it in and participating like the other children, but after your session he sleeps for 2 hours! He has never done that before, but he has a deep sleep each week after working with you. It must relax him completely."  One-to-one carer working with a child with special needs.


Public classes

"Nadia, (my child) loves going to her classes. She asked if she can go every night!! It would be amazing if they offered this in schools. Well done." Parent.


"Just to let you know my girls loved the session last night and were very excited telling us all about it.  Really pleased I booked them on to it." Parent


"(My child) loves the sessions and is having some tough times transitioning at the moment, so it's a great tool for me to use." Parent


"Thank you so much for the session Nadia. I think we both came out of it much calmer. It was very good of her to push herself to come because she had plans but she said it was good and would come again! I think getting worries and anxieties out in the open help teenagers a lot." Parent 


"Thanks again. He is absolutely loving the class and he hasn't had any obvious anxiety for a while now." Parent


"(My child) enjoyed his class with you and even passed on some tips from it to me before my own exams last week! I think it's great that you have set up your service for children/young people in our area. He seems to be taking things in his stride, is relaxed and not particularly stressed about forthcoming SATs and says he'll remember to put the techniques into practice himself, before the tests." Parent


"I would love the boys to continue attending their sessions with you. They love them. Thank you so much."



"We are very keen to come back; the kids love it!" Parent


Tranquillity, yoga and mindfulness meditation courses

"The children have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have definitely benefited from it, especially in the run up to SATs. Each session was different and delivery was excellent. The structure of each session was great and I really like how the lesson plans were provided with follow-up activities. Thank you; it has definitely been worthwhile!"  Year 6 teacher.


"I love doing mindfulness because when I have little arguments it always helps me to breath in and out to keep calm. When I did my SATs, I used one of the ways to keep calm. I took a couple of minutes, closed my eyes and thought of a quiet place. It always kept me going."  Student.


"Thank you for teaching us. I loved it!"  Student.


"It was good because it helped me with my anger. Thank you for teaching me it. I really enjoyed every bit of it."  Student.


"I really enjoyed doing yoga because it calmed me down before lunch so I can eat and be relaxed and calm."  Student.


"Great way to get the children involved - through storytelling. I love the idea of children expressing their feelings through colours or their weather."  Reception teacher.


"I think that mindfulness is a good way to be calm and relaxed. It's fun and it involves people. Also, you can do it at home. The teacher, Nadia, is fun and involves everyone."  Student


"Mindfulness has helped me forget about my problems and focus more on the better things in life. It has helped me calm down and helped me to not run away from my responsibilities and to always try your best." Student.


"Extremely helpful towards SATs. I thoroughly enjoyed the mindfulness sessions; it calmed me down very much. Thank you!"  Student.


"I enjoyed you being here, especially with the chocolate!" Student.


"I really like being with you (in the sessions). I wish you would come back and help me. Thank you." Student.


"Children responded well to the courses finding it very reflective and informative. Children loved the relaxation techniques and were able to apply these during revision sessions. Children also found the time to reflect and express thoughts and opinions about themselves very beneficial and insightful."  Year 6 teacher.


"I liked it a lot and I actually used (the techniques) when I was in bed. I am so happy you came in (to our school)!" Student


"I found it good because it made me calm down and it helped me get on with my day in a better way." Student


"If there is something that has helped me, it's definitely the 'keeping calm in difficult situations' (techniques). The yoga poses are really enjoyable and I'm sad this is the last session."  Student.


"Very positive feedback from all of the children. Some of the pupils used the strategies before and during SATs which helped them stay calm. Sessions were a perfect length and kept pupils motivated and engaged. Thank you."  Year 6 teacher.


 "I have really enjoyed the mindfulness sessions. My favourite part was the relaxation at the end of every session. My favourite session was the 'be confident' one. It helped me relax and stop thinking about SATs for half and hour every week." Student


"I have really enjoyed it!...It takes my mind off things around me and helps me concentrate and focus." Student


"Mindfulness has really helped me think about how I actually feel. Also things that I usually never think about; it helps me work on my manners and helping people." Student.


"My favourite part is the relaxation because it gives you time to get away from all the revision." Student.


"I would like to thank the Tranquil Treehouse for all the support they have given (us). These sessions have given me confidence even though my SATs are coming." Student.


"I loved the sessions because it helps me calm my body down when I'm active. Also it helps me hear my heart and my breathing. Finally, it helps me rest my brain after all of the hard work. I loved the yoga poses!" Student.


"I don't have any stress any more. I think mindfulness is a really good thing to do." Student. 


Long-term results

"Wow, this (video) just brought me to tears. My son is 15 and had the pleasure of being taught by Nadia in Primary. When he entered her class in September, he was flat. He had stopped responding to school. He struggled to read, writing was a huge challenge and his speech was not fluent as he suffered from prolongation and bumpy-talking (stammer). The teacher before Nadia had told me how naughty he was - very disinterested! I was shocked as this little boy I had at home was so well-mannered. He loved to please and he enjoyed school but he was finding it difficult; to the point where he was losing interest. We ended that year feeling very worried about the year ahead!

He then started in September with heavy shoulders and did not want to go (to school). Nadia was his new teacher. Within weeks, Lennon was that happy, 'loving school again' little boy! Nadia made him feel like he was achieving again. He certainly was not achieving like his friends, but he was achieving. He felt listened to and a part of her classroom. The change in him as a person was tremendous. I can remember this school year and the one before more than any other!

My son was like a different boy during this school year and he was enjoying his education again. He left this year, focused and ready for the next year ahead because of the tools Nadia taught him. I am so thankful and always be for the role Nadia played in Lennon's life. We now have an outstanding young man, achieving goals above his age bracket, standing alongside adults in a profession he is mastering with confidence and skills, like I have never seen at this age! He can deliver consultations with great maturity and confidence. He is an outstanding example of everything mentioned in this (video). We nearly lost him to being that 'naughty boy in the classroom' label, when he just didn't understand what was going on! Thank you." ❤️  Parent 


General comments

"Wow. This is amazing and should be available in every school. I love Nadia McSheffrey's views on the importance of mindfulness and children's emotional wellbeing; not just ensuring that they are constantly pushed at an extremely fast pace, which for some children does not fit with the way they learn. Great video Nadia." Facebook user.


"Wow. I love this! Nadia is an amazing teacher. (I) totally agree with everything she says in this (video). Well done." Facebook user. 


"Brilliant. Really enjoyed watching the (video). So many things you said ring true. I would really like my two, to have access to something like this in school." Facebook user. 


"FAB! As a teacher in a secondary school and mom to 2 little ones, I totally agree (with the video)!! Think it would be good for both students and staff." Facebook user. 


"5* Let the children be children in this awful world of ours...Nadia shows us it is possible!" Facebook user.



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