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"Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than a parent."

Bob Keeshan

We believe in the tranquil family.

Tranquillity in the family comes from positive, respectful and intentional parenting. That doesn't mean permissive and without rules. It means that we are building a deep connection with our child that will last a lifetime. We are conscious and mindful with our words and actions and we look to ourselves first to change, develop and grow. We use our power and privilege as our child's primary care-giver to create a tranquil life for our families. 

See the workshops, sessions and coaching I offer below to support you on your wonderful and unique journey of parenthood.

The Tranquil Transformation Programme

February 2021

I don't know about you but I have had major concerns over my son's wellbeing over the past year. I worry about the impact of screens from remote learning as he went from very little screen time to 3 or 4 hours every day, over night! I worry about the lack of peer social interaction. I worry about how well my husband and I have managed our stress levels around him when trying to juggle working from home and his studying. I worry about the general impact a global pandemic has on a young child. The not thing that eases a lot of this anxiety is the fact that I have been intentionally supporting him through this challenging time using a fantastic process. After intensive training, I am delighted to be able to share this technique with other parents and carers. This positive parenting solution is from the Goulding Institute in Australia and is known as the Goulding Process - SleepTalk®

If you're feeling anxious, exhausted, scared or overwhelmed with parenting generally or with specific concerns about your child, I am sure this will be able to help.

  • It is an evidence-based process that empowers parents to support their child's wellbeing and emotional resilience.
  • It is very simple, easy to deliver and takes 2 minutes daily.
  • It is loving, safe and non-intrusive.
  • It fosters self-belief, self-esteem and happiness. It also helps children feel balanced and more confident in themselves. 
  • If you would like to take the work further, I can help you support your child with changing negative behaviours or habits, separation anxiety, anxiety in general, sibling rivalry and those children with additional needs, among other concerns.
  • Ideally, it works best for children ages 2-12 years old but I would recommend that pregnant women start this process now and there is limited scope to use it with older children.

There are two packages available; a 6 week programme and a 6 month programme for more intensive support and tools to support your child throughout their life.  More details of the programme are below.


If this interests you and you are willing to commit to 2 minutes daily to support your child, please contact me at using 'The Tranquil Transformation' in the subject heading. 


6 week programme

  • Investment £250. 
  • The Programme includes 3 x approx. 1 hour  Zoom consultations. The first 2 sessions can be combined into 1 x 2 hour session with a final 1hr review session after 6 weeks.
  • Weekly follow-up emails. 
  • This programme is for parents/carers who don't necessarily have major concerns about their children but would like to boost their self-esteem, emotional resilience, happiness and general wellbeing. The process is practical, proactive and preventative. Think of it like ‘emotional insurance.’ Phase 1 builds a solid foundation of connection. 
  • This 6 week programme will introduce Stage 1 of the Goulding Process-SleepTalk. 

6 month programme

  • Investment £600. 
  • The Programme includes 6 Zoom consultations (3 x approx. 1 hour and 3 x approx. 30 minutes).
  • The first two sessions can be combined into one 2hr session.
  • Minimum of 10 follow-up emails. 
  • This full package can support parents in two ways: firstly, parents/carers who have minor/major concerns about their children including negative habits, anxiety, sibling rivalry, bullying, separation anxiety, anger and children with additional needs such as language issues, ADHD, ADD and those on the autism spectrum.
  • Secondly, it is also for those parents who would like to learn techniques to support their children throughout their life. They may not have any issues at the moment but as our children grow and develop, they will inevitably meet different challenges. With the full package (6 months), you will learn specific skills to be able to adapt the process to any difficulty they face. Phases 2 and 3 build on the solid foundation of Phase 1 but are specific to your child and their unique life as they grow. 
  • To work with each additional child in the family, there is an additional cost of £100 per child.
  • This 6 month programme will guide you through Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the Goulding Process-SleepTalk. 

Online courses


You will find my current online courses on the Teachable platform. All are self-paced and you have lifetime access.


I will be adding more to the course list in the near future. Follow the link below for available courses: the-3-paths-understanding-your-children-from-the-inside-out

online Workshops

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We coach virtually via Zoom, tailored to the personal needs of your family. Sessions are priced at £50 per hour for parent sessions and £35 per 30 minutes for children/teens. These prices will increase in September 2022.


Please email directly or use the contact form to book a session at a mutually convenient time. 


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