staff training and consultancy support

Our mission is to inform, inspire and motivate school staff to support the emotional wellbeing of their children through innovative and progressive techniques. We have delivered training to primary schools, secondary schools and through our Local Authority.


Our sessions are interactive, informative and staff are given a range of practical resources they can start using immediately with the pupils in their schools.


Parent/carer workshops are also available for your school.


All of our school INSET training is completely bespoke. We can adapt any of our courses for your school's specific requirements and priorities. The heart of our training programme is the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children.

one-to-one consultancy

We can provide one-to-one consultancy for staff who are leaders of emotional wellbeing in your school or for staff who need extra support with positive behaviour management. We also offer small group workshops for parents and carers within school.


We offer a number of courses for staff including emotional wellbeing and mental health, mindfulness techniques, positive behaviour management and nurturing the whole child.  As an additional course, we offer 'Tranquility for Teachers' which focuses on the emotional wellbeing of school staff and 'Breathe, Believe, Be' which is a relaxing and restorative session.

The Tranquil Treehouse® | Tuolumne, 231 King George Road, South Shields, Tyne and Wear | NE34 8PP