Meet the tranquil tree

The Tranquil Treehouse® is the place where Bobo, Pearl and the forest animals feel safe. They climb up their rope ladder and go in through the heart-shaped door. They visit this place to feel calm, peaceful and to think. To breathe and just 'be'. But this special place holds a secret...

What lots of people don't know is that the Tranquil Tree talks and listens to Bobo, Pearl and the other woodland creatures. He is very old and wise and offers lots of good advice. He has seen lots of children grow up, overcome obstacles and become confident and happy adults. When Bobo and Pearl are feeling worried, scared or have emotions they struggle to control, they often ask the Tranquil Tree what they should do. Through the Tranquil Treehouse® stories, Bobo and Pearl develop new skills and learn how to deal with all sorts of situations and emotions.

Listen carefully to the stories. Have you ever felt the way they have? Maybe you are in a similar situation? Could you solve their problem with the help of the Tranquil Tree? Are you ready to learn new skills?

Meet Bobo and pearl

Bobo and Pearl are the Tranquil Treehouse®'s mini yogis. They love spending quiet time in the Treehouse looking at the stars, rainbows and clouds. But they also enjoy having exciting adventures in the Wild Woods exploring the waterfalls, hiding in caves and breathing in the wonderful fresh air.


Bobo and Pearl can help you with your yoga poses. Sometimes the poses are a bit tricky and we can't remember where our hands go or which way our hips should face, so Bobo and Pearl are here to show us what we should look like. Don't worry if your poses aren't exactly the same though...we all have different sized bodies and we all have different skills. Sometimes you will find a pose easy and your friend will struggle or vice versa. It doesn't matter! What does matter though, is how your body feels and what your mind is doing.


yoga poses for you to try at home

Surfboard pose

Bobo loves to surf in the wide ocean and he knows that he needs strong arms, powerful legs and good balance to help him in the water. To get into position, have both your knees and your hands flat on the floor. Take a step back with each leg to balance on your palms. Bend your toes, keep your arms slightly bent and your back long and flat. Imagine you are a surfboard floating in the water and breath in the salty air.


Windmill pose

Pearl loves to be outside and she loves listening to the wind from inside her Tranquil Treehouse®. This pose reminds Pearl of a windmill and it makes her legs stay flexible and her posture strong. To copy Pearl, stand up tall with the crown of your head facing the ceiling. Have your feet together and your arms by your side. Bend one leg and try to hook your first 2 fingers around your big toe. If you can, straighten out your leg and stretch the other arm out to the side for balance. Stay in the pose for as long is comfortable, gently breathing to help you focus. Repeat on the other side.

Cobra pose

Bobo loves animals and he loves watching the way they move. This is one of the reasons he loves yoga so much because he can pretend to be different animals! Here he is copying a snake. To get into cobra pose, lie on your tummy and place the palms of your hands next to your shoulders, push up and look up, keeping your neck long. Then straighten your arms slightly and open your chest. Breathe. Stay here for a few breaths and then slowly bend your arms, lower your chest and head. Rest down.

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