Realistic affirmations for Children and Teens

How affirmations can positively change a child's brain.
Realistic affirmations can make a powerful impression on our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind in the early years (0-6 years old) becomes our blueprint for the future; the foundations of our belief system and our inner dialogue. Realistic affirmations can wire (or re-wire) the brain to think more positively. An affirmation is a statement that is said repeatedly to reaffirm positive beliefs. To have the most powerful impact, children should repeat these positive statements, on a daily basis, out loud. They could also write them down in a journal or their school diary. They could write them on a sticky-note and place them in a prominent position in their room or you could repeat them together. You could even place them in their lunch-box or bag. Your child can choose the affirmations at random or pick them according to their current circumstances. The power of realistic affirmations has been shared anecdotally for years but now there is robust scientific research to back this up.
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